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Welcome to the world of hungry birds!

In this amazing place, nature rules and whoever is nimbler, quicker and smarter can win! The forest is not quiet, and each one of them is hungry all the time, so your help is needed! Hurry up and join the world of the birds and become a true saviour of the forest!

About gameplay:
The game features a large number of birds, each with its own colouring, type of rarity and abilities. Each bird is an NFT. Buy, sell and trade your birds!
There will also be fruit scattered throughout the game level, and since all the birds are perpetually hungry, collecting them will give you plenty of advantages. You can get new abilities for your bird with the fruit you collect.
The gradation of rarity types is as follows:
Common 60% -
Uncommon 20%
Rare 12%
Epic 5%
Legendary 2%
Jungles 1%

Next to the type of rarity comes the probability of a bird falling out of a pack.
Dark Knight
You can stake bird cards and get a token for it every week! The higher the rarity type of your card, the more token you get.
The token can be bought for a Maize coin.

Special containers that can be purchased for a token in the market or played long into the game, the chance of a loot box falling out is 0.9%.
The lootboxes have varying rarity FT that can be used directly in the game.
Special magnets that will pick up fruit nearby can fly straight ahead and they will be attracted to the player.
The magnet is a FT item that is knocked out of the loot box. Chance of falling out is 10%. The number of FT uses is 5 times.
There are 6 types:
Common 60% -
Uncommon 20%
Rare 12%
Epic 5%
Legendary 2%
Jungles 1%

A shield that is also knocked out of the loot boxes. Chance of falling out is 10%. The number of FT uses is 5 times.
There are 6 types:
Common 60% -
Uncommon 20%
Rare 12%
Epic 5%
Legendary 2%
Jungles 1%
An energy input that allows the game to continue after death. Can only be dropped in a game with a 5% chance.

If the player has no energy, the game can be continued after death 3 times a day for a token.
The greater the rarity type of the FT item, the greater the effect of its use.
There will be a table of record holders for the Endless Game mode. This table can be viewed by any player.
The winner will be determined after a certain amount of time in the game (3 days, a week, a month, half a year, etc.).
For certain actions in the game(events!) the player will receive a token as a reward.
Events will be divided into 2 categories:
1) For everyone.
2) For winners.
Events for all - any player completing it receives a reward.
Events are not for all - the allotted time for them, if you make it in time, you get the reward!
Angel Relsord
Game events:
Weather conditions to diversify the process and make the game experience more challenging. Weather conditions will appear randomly and can affect bird performance.
A unique Adventure game mode!
Play and gain valuable gameplay experience without any challanges. Perfect for those who want to gain in-game experience without getting into competitions. You can get a game token as well.
There will be 3 levels of difficulty in the mode:
1) Easy (Chick).
2) Medium(Adult)
3) Super Bird difficulty level.
On easy difficulty you can only get nft achievements (and nft will be of low rarity).
On medium difficulty you can already perform events and get nft achievements of higher rarity.
On a high difficulty level, you can get nft achievements of the highest rarity, and you can also perform events.
Seasons and Season Passes:
The game will have a seasonal system, in other words every six months to a year there will be seasonal events, bringing new unique nft, additional levels, as well as new events to the game.
A season pass is a season pass. The season pass gives access to special lootboxes, which are only valid for that season, from which unique nfts can be extracted!
Our project is designed for people of different nationalities, religions and worldviews. Every member of our community, from developers to players, is important and is part of the entire Hungry Birds ecosystem, which intends to unite the most dedicated and committed players around us. We will do everything we can to make sure the project brings only positive emotions to the whole process. Every player is important, that's why we listen to users' opinions and we will improve our product based on your feedback and preferences. It's up to you to decide which way to move the hungry birds!
Blockchain is highly scalable, with fast
fast transactions and low commissions. It's easy to deposit and withdraw.
It makes it easy to deposit and withdraw - and that's all there is to it. All of this makes it easy to interact with the game,
allowing you to enjoy the gameplay.
For us, the ideal portrait of a player is someone
Who is no stranger to the ideas of humanism, able to empathize and at the right time
to lend a helping hand at the right moment.
He has a good understanding of the game mechanics, an active member of the community, helps to test the game, puts forward ideas for improving the in-game processes, communicates in social networks, creates creatives and art, regularly participates in quizzes and contests and helps newcomers.
If you think this is difficult, you are right. It does require
total immersion in the project, but it's worth it. Everyone in the game
will find something to their liking.

Poison Barrel
Hungry Birds is developed on the high-performance Unity engine, allowing you to play the project on all mobile devices that have access to a browser, as well as on PCs.
A special rendering formula is used to process data on the
game servers to reduce the graphics load on
connected devices. This is done to improve gameplay rendering
gameplay on low-powered smartphones and computers.
For the user of the game, this means simplicity and low demand for
graphics adapter power, no problems with rendering
content, processor overheating, rapid battery discharge, and other
Problems that can occur when you play powerful games.
You just play and enjoy the process, and the rest
our team will take care of the rest!

Radioactive barrel
The blockchain chosen for the game was Etherium, which is one of the leaders at the moment. Because of the uncomplicated process of writing smart contracts, as well as the wide range of marketplaces. Etherium should reduce the amount of commissions on your transactions and make it easy to buy or sell new Hungry Birds NFTs.
The ecosystem of the project:
Our game project is not just a vast playable Metaworld. The
Hungry Birds will be developed on the basis of

-NFT Collections
-Blockchain wallet.
-Decentralised exchange

All of these products will address the immediate needs
ecosystem and community:
- stimulate in-network activity;
- Add liquidity to the exchange pools;
- Provide easy management of game assets;
- offer convenient Play-to-Earn community tools.

About the project token:
The economics of the Hungry Birds blockchain game are based on the "HungryBirds" token. It is
energy source and the project's most important token. It is used to buy
birds, skins, and rewards. You need it to buy
unique NFTs. That's why earning it is one of the
The most important goal of a gamer at the start of a game project.

It is possible to get a token in the game by stealing earned NFTs, selling NFTs on external markets.

The token is constantly spent to buy base items.

Tokens will be needed at all stages of the gameplay. Wide
practical application balances supply and demand
It is therefore a good investment in the long term.
The project team intends to enter into mutually beneficial
partnerships to strengthen the position of the tokens, add them to the listings
popular exchanges. This will strengthen the economic model of the project and
expand opportunities for earnings.
After conducting a comparative analysis of many projects
on the market, we found several flaws
which prevented us from building an efficient and fair process
of earning money in the game.

These are huge amount of time needed to complete daily tasks
Farming, high demands on the power of gadgets.
Inefficient reward distribution model, lack of ways to
additional token spending.

We took the key mistakes of our predecessors into account to make the mechanics
Hungy Birds better and more efficient. Our in-game token will be
required for more in-game processes.

Most early investors will have the opportunity to buy birds at a discounted price!
To start the game you will need to buy a bird, a project token and start playing!